Impact is creating the possibility of overcoming crisis during the exigency. Present to share thoughts, understand views to make something authentic. We have the experience to work with Impact for preparing our exhibition stand in IME’2010, IMME’2010 & IME’2012……..

Best regards,
Subhasis Das
All mineral asia/Hari machines

Dear Abhijit,
Impact for us is like the cosmetic surgeon who gives new faces to its damaged patients. Anytime, any moment we are confident of it's deliverables.
Ritwik Das
Bluechip Projects

Dear Mr. Shibananda Sen,
We are very much satisfied with the work & workmanship.
For Merlin Projects Limited
Vishal Jain

Sales Head - Commercial & Leasing

Our dedication, single minded focus and continuous improvement have made us a favoured provider for corporates like TATA steel, West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, Vedanta Aluminium, Ambuja Realty, Merlin Group, Megatherm, Tata Ryerson, Caterpillar, Govt. Of Odisha, Gardenreach Ship Builders, Simplex Infrastructures, CDE, Vizag Steel & more..